MusicMuni Labs Private Limited is a spinoff from Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain . It takes roots from the CompMusic project and the follow-up CAMUT project . The company is incorporated and located in Bengaluru, India.


CompMusic is a research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC grant agreement 267583). Prof. Xavier Serra from the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, coordinated the project. The project helped advance the automatic description of music by emphasising cultural specificity. It focussed on five music traditions of the world: Hindustani (North India), Carnatic (South India), Turkish-makam (Turkey), Arab-Andalusian (Maghreb) and Beijing Opera (China). The work on Hindustani and Carnatic music is carried out in collaboration with teams in IIT-M and IIT-B.  Prof. Hema Murthy and Prof. Preeti Rao lead these teams respectively.

There are several key technology outcomes of the CompMusic project. The CAMUT follow-up technology transfer grant allowed us to develop prototype products tailored for Indian market around these. We created MusicMuni Labs in India to take this forward and develop viable business around these technologies and prototypes.


To catalyse and scale the music education and infotainment domains in ways accessible by and affordable to masses, by synergising the pedagogical knowledge with artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on learner engagement and automated evaluation.