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iOS developer

Riyaz is currently available on Android [link]. We are looking forward to have it on iOS. The ideal candidate should be able to work closely with the android developer, understanding the android code (just comprehending, she/he is not required to work on android code) and port it to iOS with the best practises followed on this platform. Once it is brought upto speed with the android version, development on iOS will lead the way. So we are looking for somebody who has got speed and agility to deliver on time without compromising the quality.

Is that you? Write to us at the address mentioned above!


At Riyaz Community, we are fostering an active community of budding singers. We need content writers who have good knowledge of a music style (Indian movie songs, Carnatic and Hindustani), and can write articles that are useful to growing as a singer. A writer is compensated by the number of articles she/he contributes. If you’re interested, shoot an email to us with your first article, or a proposal for an article!