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This role will be responsible for data munging and analysis, while looking after the backend operations for Riyaz application.


  • Streamlining data from different sources to the analytics stack
  • Digging into the user behavior on Riyaz application using analysis of event data
  • Taking charge of the existing in house course management system, maintaining and improving it
  • Application backend server maintenance (once in a long while)
  • Website maintenance (once in a long while)


  • Should breath python for life, sipping bash/linux command line when thirsty
  • Good with pandas or any other data analysis frameworks in python
  • Basic web development skills – HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Familiarity with hosted WordPress
  • Very strong analytical abilities with a knack for user behavior data
  • Should be comfortable digging into data using any of the data analytics tools such as apache superset, tableau or similar.


At Riyaz Community, we are fostering an active community of budding singers. We need content writers who have good knowledge of a music style (Indian movie songs, Carnatic and Hindustani), and can write articles that are useful to growing as a singer. A writer is compensated by the number of articles she/he contributes. If you’re interested, shoot an email to us with your first article, or a proposal for an article!